Address all mail and correspondence to the School this way :  


The Phlebotomy Training Center

P .O. Box 8184

Pittsburgh, Pa 15217


On the web our address is: www.justphlebotomy.ORG


Attend your Orientation, Registration, Classes

please confirm with your Orientation Packet: 

new location: 

2950 South Water Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203


old location:

100 Lytton Ave

Pittsburgh, Pa 15213


You need to have your Orientation Seat reserved prior to attending your Orientation

For information on how to reserve a seat, go to SEAT RESERVATION Page.  


For Clinical Practice (enrolled students only) : At over 15 of our School's Affiliated Hospitals and Labs located in 15 Counties of Pennsylvania, West Virginia  and Ohio. Many of our students attend their clinicals in their local communal areas from Pittsburgh and Allegheny County to  as far as 150 miles from Pittsburgh. Each student attends one location.


We look forward to seeing you in Class!