In this section you can read how our former students reflected on their experiences  during various stages of their educational journey at The Phlebotomy Training Center.

“I was fortunate enough to be only seven minutes away from the Medical Center, so my commute to clinical was very convenient. Ms. P went over what was expected of me (dress code, kindness to patients, etc.) and introduced me to two of the outpatient phlebotomists I would be working with during the week, B. and K. I worked closely with B. that day. B. went to the Phlebotomy Training Center 20+ years ago. She was very encouraging and easy to talk to. A lot of the staff was very friendly and very good at what they did, I guess that’s what 20+ years of experience does… Today I worked under B.’s supervision again. After she observed me perform a few venipunctures and saw that I was comfortable she told me I could work independently… To my surprise, I received quite a few comments today. A few patients stated “I didn’t even feel it.” Quite a few patients also commented that I did a really good job compared to some phlebotomists they have had in the past. These comments were certainly encouraging. A lot asked me where I go to school and wished me luck in my future career/schooling. Today I attempted a total of twenty-one venipunctures. Twenty of the Twenty-one venipunctures were successful. B. commented on how proud of me she was and how confidence improved my technique/being successful – a great thing to hear on my last day! A patient was telling me his wife used to be a phlebotomist for many years and has drawn blood from him many times. After I was done with the procedure he told me [that] I was better than his wife, but not to tell her that. It made me giggle. The other student that was present was going to be there for six weeks. Her class time was also significantly longer. Not to sound rude but she could have used more class time. I wasn’t even trying to observe her and noticed twice while using a butterfly needle she accidentally yanked it out when going to reach for a tube. One of her reactions was to place her glove over the area to stop the bleeding instead of the gauze (made me cringe). Another thing she did that made me cringe was the second time the needle was accidentally pulled out of the patient was place the open butterfly needle on her workstation without retracting the needle (YIKES!). I feel bad she didn’t hear about The Phlebotomy Training Center – she could have used the training… I am so happy that I chose to do my clinical at the (Medical Center). I was able to perform quite a bit of venipunctures and experienced a wide range of patient age. I was able to experience some of the more difficult scenarios (elderly patients, deep veins, rolling veins, etc). After my four days of clinical I can now say I am confident I have the potential to become a great phlebotomist.”


“Each venipuncture I performed gave me more confidence and it reassured me I was going to be a good phlebotomist. I became confident in myself and my technique. I received many compliments throughout the day from patients and other phlebotomists. Many patients told me that the venipuncture was painless and they didn’t feel a thing. I even had a few patients tell me that the next time they come to get bloodwork that they were going to ask for me. These things made me feel very good. I also had some patients tell me that they had trouble with bloodwork in the past. Some of these patients had fears from their bad experiences. I simply reassured that patient that the procedure was virtually painless… I was not only able to successfully find the vein on these patients but I was able to successfully perform the venipuncture and collect the blood samples that I needed. The patients who claimed to be tough were helpful in boosting my confidence… Everyone told me I was doing a great job and the phlebotomy supervisor asked me if I would be interested in a temporary position they have open… The patient was so happy with the way the venipuncture was performed that the patient left with a smile on their face… It made me feel good that I was possibly able to help the patient have a little less fear when it comes to needles. The rest of my day was very successful as well… Everyone told me that I was doing a good job and that my technique was great… I was extremely excited to hear that I was doing well enough that they would want me to possibly come work for them… The last venipuncture procedure that I performed was on a lady that had no confidence in me at all. The patient saw that my badge said that I was a student and then the patient became upset that they didn’t know how they felt about a student sticking them. I said that I could have a different phlebotomist perform the venipuncture if that would make them feel more comfortable and they said no that they were okay with me doing the venipuncture. I successfully got blood from this patient with no problems at all. The patient even complimented me on my technique.”


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