Dear Prospective Students:


Welcome to The Phlebotomy Training Center, a specialized trade School dedicated to providing Phlebotomy training of Top Quality.

We are proud that our School is probably THE OLDEST PHLEBOTOMY SCHOOL IN THE NATION.

Our School’s Diploma has been recognized for Quality and Dedication we invest into every single student who got trained here for over 35 years.


Chances are, before deciding to apply here, you have already heard from your friends, relatives or fellow employees about the unsurpassed quality of the original Phlebotomy Programs offered here. Numerous local employers, Universities, Health Departments, international blood products Corporations, medical practices regard this School as the premier source for training their staff in the art of Phlebotomy.

Our 60-hour Phlebotomy Program offers 30 hours of Classroom Training plus 30 hours of Clinical Practice.

The Classes are conveniently structured so that each student attends 2 evening classes per week for 1 month followed by 30 hours of daytime Clinical Practice.

The entire Clinical Practice portion of the Program can be accomplished by a student in just 4 eight-hour clinical days.

Our students truly love and enjoy every moment of their short but exciting clinicals when they can apply with great success the great skills they just learnt in Class. Students cherish the gratitude expressed by their patients on the job well done!  


Our School is proud to be affiliated with over 18 Hospitals, Clinics, and Laboratories, where our students receive their Clinical experience. Many students, even those who come from distant locations and out of state, are able to attend their clinical portion in their local communal areas.

 Although the vast majority of our clinical affiliates are located in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, some are located in the same areas where our traveling students come from to attend their evening classroom sessions in Pittsburgh.

This Phlebotomy Training Program teaches you thoroughly and diligently utilizing the most effective learning techniques how to perform both major Phlebotomy procedures, Venipuncture and Capillary Puncture, performed on a wide range of patients--from newborn to adult.


We look forward to students of all ages and from all walks of life studying with us, receiving their Phlebotomy Training Center’s Diploma and enjoying nearly unlimited job opportunities in this exciting field of professional Phlebotomy.

Over 155 of the tristate area’s prestigious Hospitals, Clinics, Independent Laboratories, Medical Associations, and Blood Banks employed and built their Phlebotomy teams largely from the pool of our successful graduates.  

You may find our former trainees employed as Phlebotomy Supervisors, Coordinators and Preceptors in major Hospitals and Laboratories.

We are authorized to Proctor your Phlebotomy Certification Test (at your option) by a leading certification agency in the allied health certification field (