Dear Prospective Students:


Welcome to THE PHLEBOTOMY TRAINING CENTER, a specialized trade School dedicated to providing Phlebotomy training of Top Quality. The Phlebotomy Training Center is probably THE OLDEST PHLEBOTOMY SCHOOL IN THE U.S.A.


Chances are, before deciding to apply here, you have already heard from your friends, relatives or fellow employees about the unsurpassed quality of the original Phlebotomy Programs offered here. As you know, Phlebotomy is the medical art of collecting blood specimens for diagnostic laboratory testing.

The Phlebotomy Training Center offers two levels of training dedicated to Phlebotomy Education. The Basic Phlebotomy Program offers 30 hours of Classroom Training plus 30 hours of Clinical Practice.


The Classes of the Basic Phlebotomy Program are conveniently structured, so that students attend 2 evening classes per week (each classroom session lasts 3 hours and 20 minutes) for approximately 1 month followed by 30 hours of daytime Clinical Practice (on selected days only) at our affiliated Hospitals and/or Clinics.


Our School is proud to be affiliated with over TWENTY Hospitals, Clinics, and Laboratories, where our Students receive their Clinical experience. Since our affiliated Hospitals are located in various parts of FIFTEEN Counties of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, many students are able to attend their clinical portion of the Program in their local communal area.


The Basic Phlebotomy Program is a highly comprehensive training program which covers both major Phlebotomy procedures, such as the Venipuncture and the Capillary Puncture, performed on a wide range of patients--from newborn to adult.

Upon successful completion of our Program, you will receive and you will be applying for your future Phlebotomy jobs with The Phlebotomy Training Center’s DIPLOMA which has been widely recognized and greatly respected by all major Phlebotomy employers for the past 30+ years. It is no surprise that our graduates have been employed by over 155 of the tri-state area’s prestigious Hospitals, Clinics, Independent Laboratories, Medical Associations and Blood Banks.  The employers know what they are getting when they employ graduates of The Phlebotomy Training Center!

A number of our former students are now employed as Phlebotomy Supervisors and Coordinators in major Hospitals and Laboratories.


Optional Certification for our Graduates by a leading certification agency in the allied health certification field ( is also available for interested candidates.

We look forward to you joining our class so that you can gain and benefit from The Phlebotomy Training Center’s unparalleled 30+ YEARS of experience and expertise in providing top quality specialized Phlebotomy Education, just as hundreds of our former students have done over the past decades!