Orientation Seat Reservation

Please follow the 2-step instructions on this page to reserve a seat for yourself


for  June 10 Orientation-Registration Night 

                   (CLASS STARTS ON JUNE 15, 2021)


for  September 9 Orientation-Registration Night 

                   (CLASS STARTS ON SEPTEMBER 14, 2021)

Orientation is an informational meeting that the School holds prior to Registration for all Prospective Students at one time.

Reserving your Orientation Seat will allow you to register for the seat in Class at the Registration.

Registration will follow Orientation on the same night.      


            Please follow Step 1 and Step 2 below.

       BOTH  STEPS (Step 1 and Step 2)  need to be completed

Step 1

Please complete and send the form on this page ---->


Step 2 

Please mail by regular mail the following 3 simple items to the School to complete your Orientation Seat Reservation and to receive your Orientation Packet with the Directions and Parking Information. 


1. A note with your name, address, and phone number.

    Please  indicate which class you are interested in:     

    "June 10, 2021 Class"-- (Tuesday and Thursday nights)


   "September 9, 2021 Class"-- (Tuesday and Thursday nights)

2. Orientation Fee- $3 (Can be paid in the form of cash, check or money order payable to The Phlebotomy Training Center.

3. Self-addressed stamped envelope; business size (4 1/8"  x 9 1/2")   - (Optional)




    Before April 30--- for June 10, 2021 Class

    Before May 15--- for September 9, 2021 Class

Our mailing address:


The Phlebotomy Training Center

P.O. Box 8184

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


The Orientation Packet will be returned to you by regular mail 3 weeks prior to your Orientation date.

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